Utilizing Indonesia Carbon Markets to Accelerate Energy Transition

Today, more than 130 countries have now made net zero pledges, covering around 88% of global emissions. As Indonesia is currently holding the G20 Presidency, there is no better time than now for Indonesia to actualize its commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Carbon trading plays a key role in helping the world reach its net zero pledge by driving investment in greenhouse gas emission mitigation and energy transition measures. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure industry players have the required knowledge to effectively participate in carbon trading.

Related to that, B20 Indonesia Task Force of Trade and Investment and Task Force of Energy, Sustainability, and Climate seek to amplify support to attain greater inclusivity and sustainability to provide businesses with required knowledge to enter or scale up their carbon trading activities.

Therefore, as a prelude event to the launching of B20 Indonesia Legacy Program: Carbon Center of Excellence, ICDX together with BNEF will hold a webinar on “Untapping Indonesia Carbon Markets to Accelerate Energy Transition”

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